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Apr 22, 2014
8:06 am
Apr 21, 2014
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Apr 16, 2014
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Apr 14, 2014
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Apr 13, 2014
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This commission is really biting me in the ass... and I think it'll be a while before I accept another like it (even though this has a chance of being legitimately published and all that jazz... still ugg heh) again. Not much more I can say on that at this moment (agreement and all with two parties involved), but it explains as to why I haven't posted a piece of art here for some time haha. Hopefully I'll get this commission done this weekend and focus back on pleasant stress free work again.

On that note since the SE4 episode #12 "Pinkies Pride" came out I have seen lots... and oh man I do signify lots of ships of the two main focal characters of the episode. Though I have nothing against people doing that... hell what ever floats your boat go nutts, but I have three single drawings in mind around that episode that will be just goofy fun pieces to enjoy by people that just want goofy pinkie pie related pics... and no ships (damn dude there is alot of them haha).

That's about all for now, figure I'd post something about my
absence for the last while heh. =P

o_o I've been off DA for so long I have over 10k notifications... something else to do this weekend I guess...



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What can I say...idk, I don't think I'm a artist...heh I just write/draw/edit/paint/mess with something till I think it looks good... if I start to get that big of a head/ego it's no longer fun. =P

I like to work on/ride motorbikes...and well cars too just being outside in general :D ...main reason I'm not on the computer/cell too much I guess.

I'm into art sorta as one of my hobbies , mostly...ya mostly digi art tho I can paint and draw etc etc all the classics ....not going to be doing to much of that till on the computer I get one of those tablet dodads and a good scanner heh and with that scan some of the older stuff I've done side note; the mouse is soooo not made for finite work. (now that I remember); I got a new shiny tablet for digital art here >>… << since Wacom's website doesn't list it any more, the Bamboo Create CTH-670 ooohyaaah. :shrug:
I've been having a blast with it... long learning curve to go from traditional to digital (at least for me heh). :D

Ok, now that is out of the way onto more serious stuff;

1.) "Commission me a... please?"

At the moment... till workish/schoolish/and my over all time management is set in a way that I can get into it. I will not be doing commissions... maybe art trades etc. etc., but pm me and we shall talk about it. For now enjoy my casual postings... be they random as they are heh.

2.) "Hey can you work with me on...? Or do a art trade of...?"

This leads up to number one on the list in a way... again pm me with a note and we shall see on a collaborative piece and or a trade of any art.

3.) "Um, I have this idea of... would you take the request to draw/write it?"

Why yes I wouldn't mind at all, sometimes the most random of ideas breed the most wonderful art... pm me or what have you and I'll respond with a "yup/nope" and credit you on the piece. Keep in mind with other pieces on the go and real life happenings it might be a while before you'd see it here on DA, drop a watch on me and keep an eye out if I agree to a request.

4.) "Hey are you on tumblr?"

This site here Deviantart is at this time the only... and I REPEAT only site I will be posting on, I don't believe in water marking my art (though I do sign them... sort of) and I don't sell it through any website. So if you see my art anywhere that it shouldn't be... pm me through DA, I hate art theft... aswell I don't appreciate my art used for commercial purposes.

5.) "Wait that means I can't do anything with your art?"

You can use anything I make here on DA as long as you as a artist credit me in some fashion... heck I'd be interested to see what some people do with things I have made with their own imaginations. Just dont make money of my back or anyone I work with/credit in my own works. The way I see it, this is fun... a entertaining pass time... so feel free to entertain heh. Heck it's art people, go crazy.

6.) "So I saw something you made featured... on EQD or YT, soooo?"

Featuring my art in itself is a credit, and a nice humbling thing to see done. I'm ok with this since whatever the site or service may be... It isn't claiming my art as their own. Nor dose it bug me that whatever it is... it is getting ad traffic/revenue from my work in this case since it allows people to enjoy my art and flash... running anything for "free" requires money from some sort, so again I'm ok with a featuring of my work off DA. As you can be quite aware, the internet is big... big as the ocean... a random fish always enjoys a little attention and constructive criticism.

7.) "What in the end exactly is this DA artist up to?"

You can find almost anything here, as I progress through different mediums and styles of those mediums. I'll be posting photography, paintings, digital works, writing of various kinds, and drawings. Occasionally some pony themed art will show up here, but for the most part the theme of this account is varied... so feel free to watch and see what occurs.

8.) "Hey join our snazzy group... would you like too?"

Now that I have been getting back into DA... I have discovered "groups" to see various art and showcase my own. And there are so many of them, so go ahead poke me for a invite and or poke me for a art piece I did... you will not know till you try.

9.) "Here is a premium account pass for "x" amount of days... do you want it?"

Now as for going premium on DA, it is tempting to do so... but again if I do... I wish to do so on my own. It is nice to think that someone likes my art enough for such a gift to be given, but again don't... there are so many other people here on DA that need that as art literally is their monetary gain hence their livelihood. In the end just pm me and I shall direct you to a artist that needs it, and in the process thank you for the nice thought.
I'm in a premium membership deal for 14 years now apparently (and I thought 7 years was long enough ha)... so I guess I'm good on that front now haha. Decided it was about time to do so, why not I'd say.

10.) "Are you sure that you covered everything you needed to?"

Um... ya... I think I have covered all that needs to be for the "seriousness" heh. I may edit this at a later time. :)

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quila111 Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so very much for the watch~ :D :hug:
geffenleffen123 Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Np my dear. You have a snazzy style, should be interesting to see what you create. :)
quila111 Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Snazzy? Well that's a word I've not heard used about my art! Awesome! :D
Thanks for the watch
geffenleffen123 Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Np, Also same to you my man. :)
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